Friday 20 March 2015

Kev's East Sussex Diary - 20th March 2015

Kevin Morgan of Anglers Den Sussex, Pevensey Bay, East Sussex gives a monthly summary of local sea fishing competition results.


The 2015 Open Competition marks a 25th anniversary year for Anglers Den!!

The competition was held on Sunday 8th March in beautiful sunny conditions in Pevensey Bay, with 75 entries catching plenty of fish, with the main species being plaice with rockling and flounders.

A Zone 1st Chris Clark 3lb 11½oz, 2nd Ben Arnold 3lb 9¼oz, 3rd Richard Cleal 2lb 11oz.
B Zone 1st Trevor Rooney 3lb 4½oz, 2nd Tony Kirrage 2lb 10¾oz, 3rd Malcolm Payne 2lb 3½oz.
C Zone 1st Nick May 2lb 6oz, 2nd Ian Golds 2lb 2¼oz, 3rd Sam Sampson 1lb 15¼oz.

Overall winners 1st Chris Clark 3lb 11½oz, 2nd Ben Arnold 3lb 9¼oz, 3rd Trevor Rooney 3lb 4½oz, 4th Richard Cleal 2lb 11oz, 5th Tony Kirrage 2lb 10¾oz, 6th Nick May 2lb 6oz, 7th Joe Plumstead 2lb 4½oz, 8th Malcolm Payne 2lb 3½oz, 9th Ian Golds 2lb 2 ¼oz, 10th Steve Martin 2lb 1oz, 11th Jason Anderson 2lb and 12th Sam Sampson 1lb 15¾oz.

The pairs winners were Ian Golds and Chris Clark with 5lb 13¾oz and the runners up were Ben Arnold and Sam Sampson with 5lb 9oz.

The heaviest flatfish overall was a plaice of 1lb 11oz for Trevor Rooney and the heaviest round a codling of 1lb 14oz for Steve Martin.


On Wednesday 18th February the 1st Presidents cup was held, with the winner Tony Kirrage landing two codling and pout for a total weight of 6lb 12oz. Second Paul Christopher with 2lb 11 oz 12 dr and third Graham Lewis with 2lb 10oz 4dr.

The heaviest flat was a plaice of 7oz 4dr for Neil Marshall and the heaviest round a codling of 4lb 10oz for Tony Kirrage.
On Thursday 5th March the 2nd Presidents cup was held with plenty of codling and a club record cod being caught!!

The winner was Gerald Sargeant with 20lb 7oz, including a club record 16lb 5oz cod caught on size 2 hooks!! Second was Paul Christopher with 10lb 2oz 4dr and third Dan Wood with 8lb 9oz. They all caught codling but none anywhere near Geralds excellent fish!! The heaviest flat was a plaice of 8oz 8dr for Martin Payne.


On Tuesday 17th February The club match held in Pevensey Bay was won by Darren Mitchell with 3lb 1oz. Second was Malcolm Payne with 2lb 13 ¾ oz and third Harry Spencer with 2lb 8 ¼ oz. The heaviest fish was a codling of 2lb 7¾oz for Darren Mitchell and the biggest flatfish a flounder of 1lb 2 ½ oz for Malcolm Payne.
Darren Mitchell
On Sunday 22nd February the club fished a members only big fish bash!! With cash prizes awarded to the top 4 round fish and top 4 flatfish as well as a combination prize as well. Each member only permitted to weigh in 1 flat and 1 round.  
The biggest flat fish 1st Dan Wood with a plaice of 1lb ¼ oz. 2nd Paul Parsons flounder 14 ¼ oz. 3rd Rod Reynolds Flounder 9oz and 4th Tony Bush plaice 8 ¼ oz. The biggest round 1st Gerald Sargeant codling 3lb 9oz. 2nd Gary Banfield whiting 10 ½ oz. 3rd Martin Payne whiting 7 ½ oz and 4th Tom Jarrett whiting 6 ½ oz.
Combined flat/round 1st Gerald Sargeant 3lb 14 ¼ oz, 2nd Dan Wood 1lb 3oz, 3rd Paul Parsons 1lb 2 ¼ oz and 4th Rod Reynolds 14 ¾ oz.

On Wednesday 4th March on a lovely calm night there were plenty of fish in Pevensey Bay. A number of good size codling were caught as well as whiting, pout, plaice, dab and rockling.
The winner with a codling and whiting and rockling was Glyn Morgan with 5lb 10 ¼ oz. 2nd Keith Bean with 2 codling for 5lb 3oz. 3rd Tim Lane with 3lb oz and 4th Gary Banfield with 3lb 7 ½ oz. The heaviest flatfish was a plaice of 10oz for Gary Banfield and the heaviest round was a codling of 3lb 7oz for Tim Lane.

Tim Lane


The fourth round of club matches was held on Sunday 22nd February with 20 anglers fished in hard conditions. The winner was Rob Burns with 1lb 10oz. Second was Paul Christopher with 1lb 8 ½ oz and third Dan Puttick with 1lb 3½oz.

The 5th round was held on Saturday 7th March and the winner was Joe Plumstead with 5lb 12oz, including the biggest fish a codling of 4lb 4oz. 2nd was Peter Fountain with 2lb 4oz and 3rd were A.J. and Dennis Puttick both with 1lb 9oz.


On Tuesday 24th February 20 anglers fished at Normans Bay with Fred Wassell catching some nice fish including the biggest flatfish, a flounder of 1lb 1 ¾ oz for a total weight of 3lb11 ¾ oz. Second was Gerald Sargeant with 2lb 9 ¼ oz including the biggest fish an eel of 1lb 12 ¾ oz. Third was Gary Banfield with 2lb 4oz and fourth Alan Smith with 2lb ½ oz.

The next match was fished on Tuesday 10th March at Whitehorses with Ian Hopper winning with 2lb 5 ¾ oz, including the biggest flatfish, a plaice of 1lb 2oz. Second was Carol Vivian with 2lb 3oz including the biggest round, a 4 ½ oz rockling. Third was Gary Banfield with 1lb 9 ¾ oz and fourth Mike Perfect with 1lb 8oz.


At last !! we are seeing a spring run of codling, with the majority of fish weighing between 2 and 4lb. With the odd exception such as Geralds 16lb cod. The fish are mainly being caught at night, but during the day the plaice are beginning to show along Eastbourne seafront and at Whitehorses.

From the boats out of Sovereign Harbour cod and Pollack are being caught offshore. Codling are also being caught closer to the shoreline.
The presentation of both The Nomads and Anderida club were held recently with a full report to appear in next months edition.


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