Thursday 30 January 2014

Anderida Beach Competition - 2nd Match - 30th Jan 2014

Anderida Beach Competition  - 2nd Match -  30th Jan 2014

The second Anderida Beach Comp of 2014 was held on Thursday 30th Jan from 7-10pm in Pevensey Bay, with 24 anglers fishing. Results:

1st Phil Metcalf 2lb 8oz
2nd Joe Plumstead 1lb 4½oz
3rd Colin Isaacs 1lb ½oz
4th Shawn Smith 14½oz

Heaviest Round Fish Phil Metcalf 1lb 13½oz Bass
Heaviest Flatfish Colin Isaacs 6oz Flounder

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Eastbourne Sea League - 2nd Match - 29th Jan 2014

Match Position                                  Total Points    Overall Position

1st.Anderida Fishing club 22pts           48pts               1st
1st.A.T.Tackle Elite         22pts           43pts               2nd
3rd.C.E.Gulls                   20pts           38pts               4th
 4th. Tonys Tackle Pirates 19pts           39pts              3rd
 5th. Anglers Den             16pts            38pts               4th
 6th. Tonys Tackle            15pts           28pts               6th
 7th.The Railway               6pts             11pts               7th

Zone A 1st..Martin Payne (Tonys Tackle) 15ozs
Zone A 2nd Adrian Darker (C.E.Gulls) 14 3/4 ozs
Zone B 1st John Craig (Anderida) 15 3/4 ozs
Zone B 2nd Keith Erridge (Tonys Pirates) 14 1/2 ozs
Zone C 1st Sean Mitchell (C.E.Gulls) 2lb 12ozs
Zone C 2nd Darren Mitchell (Anderida) 2lb 11ozs
Zone D 1st Rod Parris (Tonys Tackle) 1lb 12ozs
Zone D 2nd Jamie Morgan (Anglers Den) 1lb 10ozs
Zone E 1st Paul Parsons (A.T.Tackle) 1lb 8ozs
Zone E 2nd Mike Perfect (Tonys Pirates) 1lb 5ozs

Biggest fish pool Sean Mitchell (Bass ) 2lb 2 1/4ozs

Sunday 19 January 2014

Pevensey Bay Aqua Club Competition - 1st Match - Sun 19th Jan

Pevensey Bay Aqua Club Beach Comp  - 1st Match - Sun 19th Jan

A welcome end to the windy/rainy conditions of late ensured a cracking turnout for the first club comp of the year.
26 anglers fished in fine conditions and a good mix of species were landed. These included Dabs, Plaice, Flounder,Whiting, Eels, Pout and a Bass. Results:

1st Iain Smart 3lb 2ozs
2nd Kim Mc Greevy 3lb 1ozs
3rd Terry Pupplet 2lb 6ozs
4th Tony Bush 2lb 3ozs
5th Steve Tibbals 2lb

Heaviest Flat - Steve Tibbals Flounder 1lb 2ozs
Heaviest Round Kim Mc Greevy Bass 1lb 4ozs

Pictured is junior angler Ellie Legate who was fishing the comp with her dad Joe and landed this cracking 10oz Dab. Well done!!

Ellie Legate with her 10oz Dab

Thursday 16 January 2014

Eastbourne Sea League - 1st Match - 15th Jan 2014

Eastbourne Sea League - 1st Match - 15th Jan 2014

1st. Anderida fishing club 26pts
2nd. Anglersden. 22pts
3rd. AT Tackle Elite. 21pts
4th. Tony's Tackle Pirates. 20pts
5th. C.E.Gulls. 18 pts
6th. Tony's match 2. 13pts
7th. The Railway. 5pts

ZoneA 1st Adrian Darker ( C.E.Gulls ). 2lb 7ozs
2nd Colin Isaacs. ( Anderida ). 1lb 9ozs
ZoneB 1st. Malcolm Payne (Tony's match 2 ) 2lb 9ozs
2nd. John Craig. ( Anderida ) 1lb 9 3/4ozs
ZoneC. 1st Dan wood. ( A.T.Tackle). 2lb 12ozs
2nd Tony Kirrage. ( Tony's Pirates) 2lb
ZoneD. 1st Tim Lane. ( Anderida ). 2lb 8ozs
2nd. Jamie Morgan. ( Anglers Den ) 2lb 7 1/2 ozs
ZoneE. 1st. Steve Tibbals. ( C.E.Gulls ). 2lb 8 1/2 Oz's
2nd. Mike Perfect. ( Tonys Pirates ). 1 lb 13ozs

Biggest fish pool Steve Tibbals. (Dogfish) 1lb 13ozs.

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Anderida Beach Competition - 1st Match - 14th Jan 2014

Anderida Beach Competition  - 1st Match - 14th Jan 2014

Anderida Fishing Club had it's first Beach Competition of 2014 last night, Tuesday 14th Jan, held from 7-10pm in Pevensey Bay.
The turnout was excellent, with 25 anglers fishing despite poor conditions.
1st Malcolm Payne 2lb 7½oz
2nd Dan Wood 1lb 13½oz
3rd Colin Everest 1lb 11½oz
4th Joe Plumstead 1lb 10¼oz
Heaviest Flatfish Malcolm Payne 1lb 1½oz Flounder
Heaviest Round Fish Tim Harmer 13¾oz Whiting.

Anderida Beach Competitions are held approximately every fortnight, throughout the year. For information about membership, ring Anglers Den on 01323 460441