Thursday 27 February 2014

Eastbourne Sea League - 3rd Match - 27th Feb 2014

Eastbourne Sea League - 3rd Match - 27th Feb 2014

Team Positions on Night
1st Tonys Tackle  29pts
2nd Tonys Tackle Pirates  28pts
3rd Anglers Den  21pts
4th The Railway 17pts
5th A.T.Tackle Elite 16pts
6th Anderida Fishing Club 14pts
7th C.E.Gulls 6pts

Team Positions Overall
1st Tonys Tackle 67pts
2nd Anderida Fishing Club 62pts
3rd Anglers Den 59pts
3rd A.T.Tackle Elite 59pts
5th Tonys Tackle 57pts
6th C.E.Gulls 44 pts
7th The Railway 28pts

Zone A 1st Tony Waters (Tonys Tackle Pirates) 4lb 7ozs
Zone A 2nd Joe Legate (A.T.Tackle Elite) 2lb 4¼ozs
Zone B 1st Kevin Morgan (Anglers Den) 1lb 8½ozs
Zone B 2nd K.Anderson (The Railway) 14½ozs
Zone C 1st Colin Essary (Tonys Tackle) 1lb 1oz
Zone C 2nd Tony Kirrage (Tonys Tackle Pirates) 1lb-
Zone D 1st Jamie Morgan (Anglers Den) 14¼ozs
Zone D 2nd Rod Parris (Tonys Tackle) 13¾ozs
Zone E 1st Mike Perfect (Tonys Tackle Pirates) 1lb 12½ozs
Zone E 2nd  Martin Payne (Tony's Tackle) 1lb 10½ozs

Biggest Fish Cod 3lb 7oz - Tony Waters

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Anderida Beach Competition - 4th Match - 26th Feb 2014

Anderida Beach Competition - 4th Match - 26th Feb 2014

The 4th Anderida Beach Fishing Competition of the year was held on26th February  between 7-10pm in Pevensey Bay and 19 members fished, but the fishing was quite patchy. The main species caught were Whiting, Pout and Ling with the odd Flounder, Dab and Eel making up the species.

 1st. Dan Wood 1lb 15 ½ozs
 2nd.Colin Everest 1lb 12 ¾ozs
 3rd. Martin Payne (junior) 1lb 5 ¾ozs
 4th. Colin Isaacs 1lb 2 ½ozs

Heaviest Flat - Richard Brooker( Flounder) 6 ½ozs
 Heaviest Round - Martin Payne (eel) 1lb ¼oz

Colin Everest also broke the club record for a Rockling with a fish of 7 ¾ozs.

Sunday 23 February 2014

Anderida Beach Comp (Members Only Pegged) - Sunday 23rd February 2014

Anderida Beach Comp (Members Only Pegged)  - Sunday 23rd February 2014

Thirty hardy Anderida Fishing Club members braved the windy conditions to fish the members only pegged match on Sunday.

Harry Spencer with a Rockling and a Whiting
The fishing was quite patchy but most managed to weigh-in.

The main species caught was whiting with some quite big ones coming to the scales. 

Also there was some rockling, pout, and the odd Bass. 

However,  the best fish of the day fell to Kevin Morgan who landed a superb cod weighing 5lb 14ozs - pictured below.
John Craig with his Bass
Full list of results below.
1st. Kevin Morgan 6lb 11ozs
2nd. Adrian Darker 2lb 10 1/2 ozs
3rd. Rod Reynolds 2lb 2 1/2 ozs
4th. Phil Metcalf 1lb 13 1/2 ozs
5th. Trevor Rooney 1lb 13 ozs
6th. John Craig 1lb 9 1/2 ozs
7th. Iain Smart 1lb 8ozs
8th. Paul King 1lb 5 1/2 ozs

Heaviest Round...Kevin Morgan Cod 5lb 14oz
Heaviest Flat......Paul Mckay Dab 3 1/2 ozs

Biggest Ling .....Colin Everest 5 1/2ozs
Drawn pairs winners Kevin Morgan/Dan Wood 7lb

Kevin Morgan with a 5lb 14oz Cod

Sunday 16 February 2014

Martin Payne selected for England Juniors

Local junior angler Martin Payne  has been recently selected to fish for England Juniors. Martin is pictured below with a 5lb 14 1/2 oz codling caught this weekend at Langney point.

Pevensey Bay Aqua Club Competition - 2nd Match - Sunday 16th Feb 2014

After being relentlessly battered by storms, a welcome break in the weather saw no fewer than 36 anglers turn out and fish the 2nd Pevensey Bay Aqua Club Beach Competition on Sunday 16th Feb 2014.
The numbers of fish caught were down on the previous match but the quality of some of the fish caught were excellent. Main species caught were Dabs,Whiting, Flounder, eels, a few Plaice and Bass.
Winner Dan Wood with 2nd placeTony Kirrage

1st. Dan Wood -
4lb 13½ozs

2nd. Tony Kirrage -
4lb 1½ozs

3rd. John Craig 3lb 6ozs

4th. Gerald Sargeant - 3lb ¼ozs

5th. Kim Mc Greevy - 3lb 1½ozs

6th. Paul Christopher - 2lb 3ozs

Biggest roundfish
Dan Wood Bass 1lb 13¾ozs

Biggest flatfish
Tony Kirrage Flounder 1lb 6½ozs

John Craig with 1lb 12 1/4oz Whiting - new Anderida Club Record

A special mention for John Craig who caught a massive Whiting weighing 1lb 12 ¼ozs.

This beats the current Anderida Club Record of 1lb 11¼ozs.

Sunday 2 February 2014

Pevensey Bay Aqua Club Annual 'Open' Beach Competition - 2nd Feb 2014

Pevensey Bay Aqua Club Annual 'Open' Beach Competition -  2nd Feb 2014 

With the weather finally relenting, the Pevensey Bay Aqua Club held its' Annual Open Beach Competition on Sun 2nd Feb 2014.

The event was organised by local angler Steve Dell with help from his wife Sarah, Joe Plumstead and Dan Wood. The general consensus was a very well organised comp with most people managing to catch fish. The main species caught were Dabs, Whiting, Pout, Ling,and Flounder with a few Plaice and a couple of Bass.

Colin Isaacs
1st. Shaun Mitchell 5lb 7 1/2ozs
2nd. Paul King 3lb 6 3/4ozs
3rd. Colin Isaacs 3lb 3 1/2ozs
4th. Glyn Morgan 2lb 11 1/4ozs
5th. Phil Metcalf 2lb 10 1/2ozs
6th. Steve Tibbals 2lb 11 1/4ozs
7th. Mike Perfect 2lb
8th. Terry Taylor 1lb 14ozs
9th. John Ryder 1lb 14ozs
10th. Malcolm Payne 1lb 13 1/2ozs
11th. Kim Mc greevy 1lb 11 1/4ozs
12th. Adrian Darker 1lb10 3/4ozs

Glyn Morgan

Steve Tibbals
1st. Shaun Mitchell 5lb 7 1/2ozs
2nd. Colin Isaacs 3lb 3 1/2ozs
3rd. Glyn Morgan 2lb 11 1/4ozs

1st. Paul King 3lb 6 3/4ozs
2nd. Dave Rudland 1lb 7 1/2ozs
3rd Tony Bush 1lb 5 3/4ozs

Heaviest roundfish Bass 4lb Shaun Mitchell.

Heaviest flatfish Flounder 1lb 2ozs John Ryder

Competition Winner Shaun Mitchell