Sunday 28 December 2014

Pevensey Bay Angling Club Beach Fishing Final 28th December 2014 and Beach Championship Final Results for 2014

Pevensey Bay Angling Club Beach Fishing Final - 28th December 2014

The PBAC Beach Fishing Final was held on Sunday 28th December 2014 in Pevensey Bay. 21 qualified for the 2014 Final, with 20 anglers fishing.

1st Gerald Sargeant 6lb 5oz (Winner of the Terry Allen Cup - picture below)
2nd Paul Parsons 5lb 13¾oz   
3rd Joe Plumstead 4lb 7oz
4th Tony Kirrage 3lb 15oz
5th Steve Tibbals 3lb 8oz
6th Rod Reynolds 3lb 7¼oz
7th M Underhill 3lb 2½oz
8th John Ryder 3lb 2¼oz

Biggest Round Fish Paul Parsons (Codling) 2lb 4½oz
Biggest Flat Fish Paul Pupplett (Flounder) 1lb 2¼oz

Gerald Sargeant PBAC 2014 Beach Champion, and Winner of the Terry Allen Cup

Pevensey Bay Angling Club - Beach Fishing Championship Results 2014

The overall PBAC 2014 Beach Championship is awarded to the angler with the most points 
gained from fishing the 12 Sunday competitions throughout the year. Congratulations goes to Gerald Sargeant - PICTURED ABOVE -  for his impressive  total of 247 points beating Colin Isaacs into 2nd place with 224 points, and in third place came Tony Bush with 200 points.

1st Gerald Sargeant   247 points ( GRAND CHAMPION - pictured above!)
2nd Colin Isaacs   224 points
3rd Tony Bush   200 points
4th Dan Wood   177 points 
5th Iain Smart   172 points
6th Pupplett   161 points
7th Steve Dell   157 points
8th S Mitchell   150 points
9th Tony Kirrage   145 points
10th Joe Plumstead   140 points

John Craig (LEFT Casablanca Cup winner) being presented with his Cup and prize

John Craig - pictured left above -  won the Casablanca Cup and £100 (Sponsored by Dell and Dell Plastering)

Also, very importantly, a special well done to:
Harvey Plumstead won Best Junior Angler - pictured below

Ellie Legate won Best Lady Angler - pictured below

Sunday 21 December 2014

Pevensey Bay Aqua Club Competition - 12th Match - Sun 21st December 2014

Pevensey Bay Aqua Club Competition - 12th Match - Sun 21st December 2014

The 12th Pevensey Bay Aqua Club Beach Competition of 2014 was fished on Sun 21st December between 10am - 2pm in Pevensey Bay, with 26 anglers fishing.

Results as follows:
1st P Christopher 5lb 12oz
2nd Kim McGreevy 5lb 8½oz
3rd Dean Murphy 5lb 7oz
4th Martin Payne 4lb 15oz
5th Dan Woods 4lb 10oz

Biggest Flatfish Steve Dell (Flounder) 14½oz
Biggest Round Martin Payne (Whiting) 10oz

No photos for recent PBAC comps - its more interesting with photos -  send us your photos!

Thursday 18 December 2014

Anderida Beach Competition - 24th Match - Thurs 18th December 2014

 Anderida Beach Competition - 24th Match - Thurs 18th December 2014

Anderida Fishing Club held a beach competition on Thursday 18th December in Pevensey Bay, with 13 anglers fishing. Cod were the main species caught, as well as Dogfish. Results:

1st Darren Mitchell 10lb 10oz
2nd Kevin Morgan 7lb 8oz
3rd Jim Whippy 7lb ½oz

Superpool - Shawn Smith  (Codling)  2lb 10oz
Heaviest flat
Heaviest round fish -  Shawn Smith  (Codling)  2lb 10oz

Monday 15 December 2014

Kev's East Sussex Diary - 15th Dec 2014

Kevin Morgan of Anglers Den Sussex, Pevensey Bay, East Sussex gives a monthly summary of local sea fishing competition results.
On Sunday 7th December the Eastbourne Nomads A.C. held their annual Christmas Open. Due to an unfortunate clash with another Open there was not as many entries this year. But the weather was good, and a good time was had by most. fish caught were mainly whitings, poutings and dabs, with a few lings and a couple of flounders and codlings.
The fishing was pegged through Langney Point and divided into 2 zones.
After the winner, the payouts went through the zones with 8 in each zone (9 in the winning zone), there were also the pools, heaviest flat and round fish, then top 3 in each zone, there was also a seperate pairs competition with the top 3 being paid out. The Nomads also put up £150, this was divided for the top 3 Nomads A.C. club members. 31 cash prizes all together.
Trophies and prizes were presented by Snowy Ruffell, the club Chairman, Snowy has been a member of the Nomads since 1956.
The presentation and raffle was held at the Eastbourne Angling Association.
The overall winner was Gerald Sargeant with 5lb 5oz of whiting and dabs. Second in A Zone was Paul King with 5lb 8dr. 3rd Gary Banfield with 4lb 9oz 8dr. 4th Paul Parsons with 4lb 4 oz 12dr. B Zone winner was Trevor Rooney with 3lb 8oz. 2nd Paul Christopher with 2lb 8oz 4dr. 3rd Dave Rose with 2lb 6oz 12dr and fourth Barry Sinden with 1lb 12oz 8dr. The heaviest round was a codling of 1lb 3oz 8dr and the heaviest flatfish a flounder of 14oz 12dr for Dave Hollobone.

On Thursday 20th November Anderida held a beach match in Pevensey Bay with 24 anglers catching mainly whiting. The winner with 12lb 11oz was Dan Wood. Second was Gerald Sargeant with 10lb 15oz, third Jim Whippy with 9lb 11 ½ oz and fourth Colin Isaacs with 9lb 7 ½ oz. The superpool winner and biggest round with a whiting of 13oz was Tim Harmer. No flatfish were caught.
On Thursday 4th December 23 anglers fished in Pevensey Bay again catching mainly whiting. The results were very close with less than 1lb separating the top 10!!! The winner with 7lb 12 ¾ oz was Rob Lock. Second with 7lb 11oz was Kevin Morgan. Third was Colin Everest with 7lb 10oz and fourth Dan Wood with 7lb 7 ½ oz. The superpool and heaviest round was a codling of 2lb 4 ½ oz for Malcolm Payne and no flatfish was caught again.

On Monday 3rd November The Nomads fished the 3rd Presidents Cup with Ian Hopper landing 12lb 13oz 12dr of Pout, Codling and Whiting. Second was Dan Wood with 7lb 8oz 8dr and third Paul Parsons with 7lb 6oz. The heaviest fish was a codling of 2lb 3oz for Martin Payne and the heaviest flatfish was a sole of 1lb 8oz 8dr.
On Monday 24th November the first cod and species match was fished. The winner Tony Kirrage managed 4 species including a codling, dogfish, whiting and dab, for a weight of 6lb 1 oz. Second was Graham Lewis with 4lb 12oz and third Richard Newman with 4lb 1oz 8dr. The joint heaviest round winners were Tony Kirrage and Graham Lewis both with a codling of 1lb 8oz and the heaviest flatfish was a dab of 4oz for Tony Kirrage.
The second cod and species competition was held on Wednesday 3rd December with Paul King landing several codling as well as whiting and a sole for a total weight of 12lb 8oz as well as 65 species points. Second was Dan Wood also with 65 points and a weight of 10lb 1oz 8dr. Third was Rod Parris with 65 pints and 4lb 11oz 4dr and fourth Paul Parsons with 55 points and 4lb 8oz 4dr. The heaviest fish saw Paul King win both with a codling of 3lb 4oz and a sole of 12oz 12dr.

On Thursday 20th November the pairs cup was held. The individual winner was B Henderson with 5lb 10 ¼ oz. Second was M Gillett  with 5lb 6 ¼ oz and third K Skippings with 5lb 4oz. The pairs winners were M Gillett and B Goodwin with a combined weight of 10lb 4oz.

Twenty four anglers fished the over fifties beach match on Wednesday 26th November with 19 weighing in !! The winner with 6lb 14 3/4  oz was Malcolm Payne. Second was Ian Hopper with 6lb 13 ½ oz. 3rd was Carol Vivian with 6lb 8 ½ oz and fourth Vernon Vivian with 6lb 5oz. The heaviest round was an eel of 10 ¼ oz for Paul Christopher and the biggest flat a flounder of 7 ½ oz for Gerald Sargeant.
On Wednesday 10th December 19 anglers fished in Pevensey Bay with pplenty of whiting and pout showing. The winner was Paul Christopher with 12lb 7 ½ oz. 2nd Vernon Vivian with 11lb 3 ½ oz. 3rd Gerald Sargeant with 8lb 3oz and fourth Fred Wassell with 7lb 12 ½ oz.

On Sunday 14th December 24 anglers took part in the xmas big fish bash!! 

Big Fish Big Bash Competitors Dec 2014
Competitors were only allowed one flatfish and one round fish to weigh in. Heaviest flatfish were all flounders and first was Ian Hopper with 1lb 2 ½ oz. 2nd Terry Taylor with 14 ½ oz, 3rd Paul King with 13 ¼ oz and fourth Jim Whippy with 10 ¼ oz. Heaviest round fish were all whiting and joint first were Glyn Morgan and Joe Plumstead with 12 ½ oz. 3rd was John Ryder with 12oz and 4th Rod Reynolds with 11oz. The combined superpool winners were 1st Ian Hopper with 1lb 10oz and second Terry Taylor with 1lb 7oz.

Bayside Bay Charters sent a picture of a nice 13lb+ Thornback Ray caught on the boat on 30th November, using mackerel on a flowing trace.  
Thornback Ray - Bay Charters

Sunday 14 December 2014

Big Fish Big Bash Xmas Comp - Sun 14th Dec - Results!!

24 anglers turned out to fish the Big Fish Big Bash Xmas Comp!! This was held in Pevensey Bay, near to Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK.
Anglers had to target a big flat fish and a big round fish, only being allowed to weigh in one of each.
There was also a pool for the biggest combined weight of flat and round together. Results were as follows:
Heaviest Flatfish (Flounders)
1st Ian Hopper 1lb 2½oz
2nd  Terry Taylor 14½oz
3rd  Paul King 13¼oz
4th Jin Wfippy 10¼oz

Heaviest Roundfish (Whiting)
Joint 1st Glyn Morgan 12½oz
Joint 1st Joe Plumstead 12½oz
3rd  John Ryder 12oz
4th  Rod Reynolds 11oz

The combined Superpool winners were:
1st  Ian Hopper (Flounder + Whiting) 1lb 10oz
2nd Terry Taylor (Flounder + Whiting) 1lb 7oz

The Big Fish (Motley) Crew

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Over 50s Beach Fishing Competition - Pevensey Bay - Weds 10th December 2014

19 anglers fished the Over 50s Beach Fishing Competition held in Pevensey Bay on Weds 10th December, with 17 weighing in fish. Points are awarded as follows, with 15 points for the winner, decreasing down to 1 point. Main species were Whiting, but there were also a number of Dogfish caught.

Its more interesting with photos - remember to send us your photos!

1st  Paul  Christopher - 12lb 7½oz  (15 points)   
2nd Vernon Vivian - 11lb 3½oz       (14 points)  
3rd  Gerald Sargeant - 8lb 3oz    (13 points)   
4th  Fred Wassell - 7lb 12½oz    (12 points)  
5th  Malcolm Payne -  7lb 10¾oz   (11 points)  
6th  Barry Sinden - 7lb 10½oz    (10 points)   
7th   Ian Hopper  - 7lb 1½oz    (9 points)  
8th  Tony Bush - 6lb 9oz  (8 points)                                  
9th   Alan Smith  - 5lb 3oz    (7 points)   
10th Gary Banfield  - 5lb 11oz  (6 points)  
11th  Mick Timms - 5lb 6½oz (5 points)  
12th Sam Samson - 5lb 2¾oz    (4 points)  
13th   Mike Perfect  - 4lb 15oz (3 points)   
14th  Dave Rudland - 4lb 10½oz  (2 points) 
15th   Keith Erridge - 4lb 5oz  (1 point)  
16th  Terry Taylor - 3lb 15oz
17th Les      - 3lb 1¼oz                                          
Heaviest Flat Fish - Terry Taylor  (Flounder)  - 8½oz

Heaviest Round Fish  -  Gerald Sargeant  (Dogfish) - 1lb7¾oz  

Points awarded so far

Ian Hopper - 63 Points
Malcolm Payne -  48 points
Iain Smart - 47 Points
Keith Erridge - 48 Points
Vernon Vivian - 44 Points
Alan Smith - 41 Points
Dave Rudland - 38 Points
Tony Kirrage - 35 Points
Tony Bush - 34 Points
Gary Banfield - 34 Points
Mike Perfect - 32 Points
Sam Samson - 27 Points
Carol Vivian - 26 Points
Gerald Sargeant - 23 points
Paul Christopher - 22 Points
Fred Wassell - 22 Points
Barry Sinden 18 Points
Mick Timms - 14 Points
Gordon Welfare - 13 Points
Carol Vivian - 13 Points
Trevor Rooney - 11 Points                            
Jeff Burgess  - 8 points
Billy Plumstead - 7 Points
Terry Taylor - 6 points

Fortnightly Over 50s Beach Competitions run throughout the autumn/winter in Pevensey Bay and are co-ordinated from Anglers Den. These comps usually take place on a weekday between 11am - 3pm.

Thursday 4 December 2014

Anderida Beach Competition - 23rd Match - Thurs 4th December 2014

Anderida Beach Competition - 23rd Match - Thurs 4th December 2014

 Anderida Fishing Club held a beach competition on Thursday 4th December in Pevensey Bay, with 23 anglers fishing.

1st Rob Lock 7lb 12¾oz
1st  Kevin Morgan 7lb 11oz
2nd Colin Everest 7lb 10oz
4th Dan Wood 7lb 7½oz

Superpool - Malcolm Payne  (Codling)  2lb 4½oz
Heaviest flat
Heaviest round fish -  Malcolm Payne  (Codling)  2lb 4½oz

Monday 1 December 2014

Weekend catch of Ray on 'Bayside'/Bay Charters - Sovereign Harbour - 30th Nov 2014

Skipper Dave Burton sent us this photo of a Thornback Ray caught on his charter boat Bayside, out of Eastbourne's Sovereign Harbour. It weighed in at just over 13lb and was taken on flowing trace and mackerel.

For information about Charter Boats operating out of Eastbourne's Sovereign Harbour, including 'Bayside'/Bay Charters, see: