Sunday 14 December 2014

Big Fish Big Bash Xmas Comp - Sun 14th Dec - Results!!

24 anglers turned out to fish the Big Fish Big Bash Xmas Comp!! This was held in Pevensey Bay, near to Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK.
Anglers had to target a big flat fish and a big round fish, only being allowed to weigh in one of each.
There was also a pool for the biggest combined weight of flat and round together. Results were as follows:
Heaviest Flatfish (Flounders)
1st Ian Hopper 1lb 2½oz
2nd  Terry Taylor 14½oz
3rd  Paul King 13¼oz
4th Jin Wfippy 10¼oz

Heaviest Roundfish (Whiting)
Joint 1st Glyn Morgan 12½oz
Joint 1st Joe Plumstead 12½oz
3rd  John Ryder 12oz
4th  Rod Reynolds 11oz

The combined Superpool winners were:
1st  Ian Hopper (Flounder + Whiting) 1lb 10oz
2nd Terry Taylor (Flounder + Whiting) 1lb 7oz

The Big Fish (Motley) Crew

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