Sunday 28 December 2014

Pevensey Bay Angling Club Beach Fishing Final 28th December 2014 and Beach Championship Final Results for 2014

Pevensey Bay Angling Club Beach Fishing Final - 28th December 2014

The PBAC Beach Fishing Final was held on Sunday 28th December 2014 in Pevensey Bay. 21 qualified for the 2014 Final, with 20 anglers fishing.

1st Gerald Sargeant 6lb 5oz (Winner of the Terry Allen Cup - picture below)
2nd Paul Parsons 5lb 13¾oz   
3rd Joe Plumstead 4lb 7oz
4th Tony Kirrage 3lb 15oz
5th Steve Tibbals 3lb 8oz
6th Rod Reynolds 3lb 7¼oz
7th M Underhill 3lb 2½oz
8th John Ryder 3lb 2¼oz

Biggest Round Fish Paul Parsons (Codling) 2lb 4½oz
Biggest Flat Fish Paul Pupplett (Flounder) 1lb 2¼oz

Gerald Sargeant PBAC 2014 Beach Champion, and Winner of the Terry Allen Cup

Pevensey Bay Angling Club - Beach Fishing Championship Results 2014

The overall PBAC 2014 Beach Championship is awarded to the angler with the most points 
gained from fishing the 12 Sunday competitions throughout the year. Congratulations goes to Gerald Sargeant - PICTURED ABOVE -  for his impressive  total of 247 points beating Colin Isaacs into 2nd place with 224 points, and in third place came Tony Bush with 200 points.

1st Gerald Sargeant   247 points ( GRAND CHAMPION - pictured above!)
2nd Colin Isaacs   224 points
3rd Tony Bush   200 points
4th Dan Wood   177 points 
5th Iain Smart   172 points
6th Pupplett   161 points
7th Steve Dell   157 points
8th S Mitchell   150 points
9th Tony Kirrage   145 points
10th Joe Plumstead   140 points

John Craig (LEFT Casablanca Cup winner) being presented with his Cup and prize

John Craig - pictured left above -  won the Casablanca Cup and £100 (Sponsored by Dell and Dell Plastering)

Also, very importantly, a special well done to:
Harvey Plumstead won Best Junior Angler - pictured below

Ellie Legate won Best Lady Angler - pictured below

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