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Anderida Beach Fishing Club Results 2014 and Forthcoming Events

         Anderida Beach Fishing Club

Championship Top Ten for 2014

POSITION                  NAME                             POINTS

            1ST                         DAN WOOD                         431pts
            2ND                      COLIN ISAACS                      423pts
            3RD                        JIM WHIPPY                         388pts
            4TH                        TIM HARMER                       367pts
            5TH                     ROD REYNOLDS                    348pts
            6TH                     COLIN EVEREST                    318pts
            7TH                    MALCOLM PAYNE                   301pts
            8TH                     SHAWN SMITH                        292pts
            9TH                       MARTIN PAYNE                    274pts
           10TH                        PHIL TAYLOR                      273pts


                             POSITION                      NAME                              

                                  1ST                       MARTIN PAYNE   


The winner of the 2014 species cup was Jim Whippy with  15 different  species. Second was Ian Hopper with 13 species weighing 11lb 1 ½ oz, just beating Malcolm Payne with 13 species for 9lb 7 ¼ oz.
The winner of the junior species cup was Martin  Payne with 12 different species.

1st  Jim Whippy...10 Species -8lb 2 ¼ oz
 2nd Colin Isaacs...10 Species -7lb 10 ½oz
 3rd  Dan Wood ...10 Species - 5lb 13 ¾oz

1ST      Colin Isaacs ………………...…67pts
1ST      Shawn Smith……………..........67pts


The winners of the drawn pairs trophy were Les Glazzard and Jim Whippy with a combined total weight of 10lb 7 oz.The runners-up were Phil Taylor and Colin Everest with a combined weight of 8lb 11 ¾ oz


        SPECIES                 CAPTOR                    WEIGHT      DATE

       BASS                                PAUL KING                         9lb                   20-09-05
        BALLAN WRASSE       PAUL KING                          2lb 2oz            06-09-09
                               BLACK BREAM         MALCOLM PAYNE                1lb 6ozs         11-08-13                        
        COD                             STEVE MARTIN                     14lb  1ozs        17-11-13
        CORKWING WRASSE   JIM WHIPPY                         6 ½ ozs        30-08-12
        COALFISH                 JACK WILTSHIRE                1lb  6 ¼ ozs      11-12-11
        DAB                               ADRIAN DARKER                      1 lb             05-01-14
        DOVER SOLE               HUGH POTTER                  2lb 9 ½ oz         21-01-07
        FLOUNDER               KEVIN MORGAN                   2lb 4ozs            27-01-09
       GARFISH                          PAUL KING                       1lb 7 ½ oz         05-09-09
       GILTHEAD BREAM       COLIN ISAACS                       15 ¾ oz       22-08-06
       GOLDEN G MULLET     TONY FITCH                     1lb 10oz           28-01-05
       GREY MULLET           IAN HOPPER                         4lb  7 oz           03-11-11
HERRING                    MACAULAY KING                       8 ¼ oz        02-10-09
LEMON SOLE             COLIN ISAACS                              9 ¼oz         24-07-05
       MACKEREL         SCOTT ISSACS/PAUL KING      1lb  1½oz          06-08-06
       L.S.DOGFISH             MALCOLM PAYNE                 2lb 5 ¼ oz        27-12-12
       PIPE FISH                   PAUL KING                                       1¼oz        09-08-05
       PLAICE                          JOHN CRAIG                          4lb  6 ¼  oz     22-09-13
       POOR COD                 PAUL WELLER                                5oz           20-01-04
       POUT                                SYD DANN                             1lb 13¼ oz      28-09-04
       RED MULLET              JAMES COWLEY                           6oz          10-08-07
       ROCKLING                   COLIN EVEREST                           7 ¾ oz     26-02-14
       SCAD                               PAUL KING                                   12 ¼ oz    05-09-07
       SILVER EEL                HUGH POTTER                        2lb 10 ½oz     02-12-07
       SMOOTHOUND          MARCO MARSIGLIA           10lb   2oz          19-06-10
       TUB GURNARD         KIM Mc GREEVY                     1lb   1oz          06-11-11
       WHITING                        JOHN CRAIG                      1lb  12¼oz        16-02-14

To register a species for a club record the fish must be weighed on the clubs ratified scales which are held at the ANGLERS DEN in Pevensey Bay.The club fishing limits, for registering club records, extend from Cooden Beach Hotel to the base of Beachy Head lighthouse. Fishing from Eastbourne Pier and Sovereign Harbour arms is not permitted.

Forthcoming Anderida Events

SUN 22nd FEB 2015
Members only pegged beach comp.
Fishing time 11am-3pm
£150 first prize.........£10 entry
                                £5 junior entry
Details  available at the Anglers Den.

THURS 5th MARCH 2015
Anderida presentation  night at the Ocean View Bakery, Pevensey Bay from 7.30pm.
Join us for a bite to eat as we celebrate the achievements of our members for the 2014 season.
Please let us know if you are going to attend so that we can cater accordingly. 


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