Sunday 4 January 2015

Anderida Beach Fishing Club Competitions for 2015

The Anderida Beach Fishing Club is organised by an elected committee and co-ordinated from Anglers Den. 

Club Competitions are held approximately fortnightly in Pevensey Bay, on a weekday, in the evening (7pm tp 10pm). Club membership costs £10 per year for seniors, £1 for juniors. 

It's possible to fish competitions as a non-member, paying an extra £1. There are additional Club events throughout the year, eg. Annual Open Competition. 

If competitions are not for you, there are many cups and shields awarded to club members for species of fish caught throughout the year. For details of joining, please call into Anglers den and complete a membership form.

     DATE                 Height          low tide        Fishing Time

1. Mon JAN 5th         7.2m           17.45            7.00 TO 10.00PM
2. Mon JAN 19th      7.2m           16.34            7.00 TO 10.00PM
3. Weds FEB 4th     7.1m            18.04           7.00 TO 10.00PM
4. Tues FEB 17th     7.2m           16.16           7.00 TO 10.00PM
5. Weds MAR 4th    7.0m           17.03           7.00 TO 10.00PM
6. Weds MAR 18th   7.3m          15.56           7.00 TO 10.00PM
7. Weds APR 1st      6.5m          16.57            7.00 TO 10.00PM   1st leg # J 
 8. Thurs APR 16th   7.3m          16.32            7.00 TO 10.00PM   2md leg #
 9. Mon MAY 4th      6.9m           18.52            7.00 TO 10.00PM   3rd leg #
10. Mon MAY 18th   7.5m          18.36            7.00 TO 10.00PM
11. Mon JUN 1st      6.9m          17.45            7.00 TO 10.00PM   J
12. Tues JUN 16th     7.2m          18.20            7.00 TO 10.00PM
13. Weds JUL 1st     7.1m          17.59            7.00 TO 10.00PM
14. Weds JUL 15th    7.0m          18.04            7.00 TO 10.00PM
15. Thurs JUL 30th    7.2m         17.39            7.00 TO 10.00PM   J
16. Weds AUG 12th   6.6m         17.04            7.00 TO 10.00PM  J
17. Thurs AUG 27th    6.8m        16.30            7.00 TO 10.00PM  J
18. Thurs SEPT 10th   6.5m        16.45            7.00 TO 10.00PM
19. Mon SEPT 28th    8.1m        18.29            7.00 TO 10.00PM
20. Tues OCT 13th    7.2m          18.48            7.00 TO 10.00PM 
21. Tues OCT 27th    8.0m         17.08            7.00 TO 10.00PM   J
22. Weds NOV 11th    7.1m        17.22             7.00 TO 10.00PM   Draw for pairs
23. Tues NOV 24th     7.5m         16.00             7.00 TO 10.00PM   1st Round
24. Weds DEC 9th     6.7m         16.18             7.00 TO 10.00PM   2nd Round
25. Weds DEC 23rd  7.0m         15.42             7.00 TO 10.00 PM   Final J

Bait restrictions Apply-No Whites, Muddies or Crab.
Adults best 18 from 25 matches
Juniors best 5 from 7 matches marked J

Two attendance points will be awarded for each match fished, to be added to final points total at the end of the year.# 3 ROUNDS OF SPRING CUP ALL THREE COUNT

Book in at Anglers Den, leaving at 18.15 pm
Weigh-in at public car park on seafront in Pevensey Bay, latest 22.20pm

Remember to renew membership for 2015 points will only be awarded to paid up members in competition.

Results Posted on Anglers Den Sussex Sea Angling Blog at at

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