Tuesday 20 January 2015

Kev's East Sussex Diary - 18th January 2015

Kevin Morgan of Anglers Den Sussex, Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, UK  gives a monthly summary of local sea fishing competition results.
The final match of the 2014 season was held on 18th December with Darren Mitchell landing 10lb 10oz of whiting and a dogfish to win. Second was Kevin Morgan with 7lb 8oz and third Jim Whippy with 7lb ½ oz. The biggest fish was a codling of 2lb 10oz for Shawn Smith.
Congratulations to Dan Wood for finishing as the 2014 club champion, just pipping Colin Isaacs in the last 2 matches. The top six were 1st Dan Wood 431 points. 2nd Colin Isaacs 423 points. 3rd Jim Whippy 388 points. 4th Tim Harmer 367 points. 5th Rod Reynolds 348 points and 6th Colin Everest 318 points. Martin Payne was the junior champion. The pairs winners were Les Glazzard and Jim Whippy.
On Monday 5th January the first club match was held with 22 anglers fishing in calm conditions. 1st Kevin Morgan with 5lb 1 ¼ oz. 2nd Glyn Morgan with 4lb 10oz, 3rd Jim Whippy with 4lb 4oz and 4th Tim Lane with 3lb 8 ½ oz. The biggest flatfish was a dab of 5oz for Gary Banfield and the biggest round a whiting of 9 ½ oz for Kevin Morgan.

Anderida Beach Comp Winner 5th Jan 2015 Kevin Morgan

On Sunday 21st December the 12th and final club match was held with 26 anglers fishing. The winner was Paul Christopher with 5lb 12oz. 2nd Kim McGreevy with 5lb 8 ½ oz, 3rd Dean Murphy with 5lb 7oz and 4th Martin Payne with 4lb 15oz. The biggest flatfish was a flounder of 14 ½ oz for Steve Dell and the biggest round a whiting of 10oz for Martin Payne.
The club held their final on the 28th December with 21 qualified to fish it. The winner on the day was Gerald Sargeant with 6lb 5oz (winner of the Terry Allen Cup). Second was Paul Parsons with 5lb 13 ¾ oz, 3rd Joe Plumstead with 4lb 7oz, 4th Tony Kirrage with 3lb 15oz, 5th Steve Tibbals with 3lb 8oz and 6th Rod Reynolds with 3lb 7 ¼ oz. The biggest round was a codling of 2lb 4 ½ oz for Paul Parsons and the biggest flat a flounder of 1lb 2 ¼ oz for Paul Puplett.
Gerald Sargeant  PBAC Grand Champion 2014, and winner of the Terry Allen Cup

The final results for the overall champion with the most points from the 12 Sunday matches were 1st Gerald Sargeant 247 points. 2nd Colin Isaacs 224 points, 3rd Tony Bush 200 points and 4th Dan Wood 177 points. Top Junior was Harvey Plumstead and best lady angler went to Ellie Legate.

PBAC Top Junior 2014 - Harvey Plumstead

The first match in the new season saw 31 anglers fishing on Sunday 11th January with Malcolm Payne landing 3lb 15oz of flounder and whiting for 1st place. 2nd was Brett Green with 3lb 14oz, 3rd Gary Banfield with 3lb 6 ½ oz and 4th Ian Hopper with 3lb 4 ½ oz. Biggest flatfish was a lovely flounder of 1lb 9oz for Colin Isaacs and the biggest round a bass of 1lb ¼ oz for John Ryder.

The club fished their 3rd cod and species cup on Monday 22nd December with Ryan Mayell winning with 60 species points for codling, whiting and dogfish. Second was Martin Payne with 50 points and a weight of 5lb 6oz and 3rd Phil Chapman also withy 50 points and a weight of 4lb 14oz 4dr. The heaviest round was a codling of 2lb 8oz for Paul Parsons and the heaviest flatfish was a dab of 6oz for Tony Kirrage.
The first match of 2015 was The Slater Cup fished on Tuesday 6th January. The winner was Joe Plumstead with 11 fish for 8lb 2oz 12dr (including codling, dogfish, pout, whiting and ling). Second was 11 year old Joseph Taylor 7lb 1oz 4dr including 3 codling. 3rd was Paul Christopher with 5lb 1oz 8dr and 4th Ian Hopper with 4lb 5oz. The heaviest round was a codling of 2lb 10oz 4dr for Joseph Taylor and the heaviest flatfish a flounder of 8oz 8dr for Arran Aghilli.

Nomads Comp 6th Jan Joseph Taylor - 3 Codling - biggest 2lb 10oz

On Sunday December 7th The club held a match with Peter Fountain finishing 1st with 3lb 2oz of whiting. Second was Ian Bishop with 2lb 12oz and 3rd Karl Puttick with 2lb 2oz. The biggest fish was a codling of 1lb 5oz for Karl Puttick.
The final match of the seasons championship was held on Sunday 14th December with Kim McGreevy winning with a weight of 7lb 6oz. 2nd Joe Plumstead with 5lb 8oz and third Karl Puttick with 3lb 12oz. The biggest fish was a whiting of 1lb 5oz for Kim McGreevy.
The Club Champion for 2014 was Dennis Puttick with his brother Fred second and A.J.Puttick third . The heaviest flat was a flounder of 1lb 9oz for Dennis Puttick and the heaviest round a bass of 2lb 14oz for Jason Anderson. Biggest fish out of competition was a lovely 8lb 4 ½ oz bass for Jason Anderson.
The Boxing Day match was won with 5lb 2oz of whiting by Joe Plumstead. 2nd was Dennis Puttick with 3lb 15 ½ oz and third Peter Fountain with 3lb 7oz. The heaviest flat was a flounder of 12oz for Peter Fountain and the heaviest round a whiting of 11oz for Ian Bishop.
The first match of the new season was held on Sunday January 11th with Steve Merner winning with 3lb 10oz including a bass of 2lb 12 ½ oz. 2nd was Peter Fountain with 3lb 5oz and 3rd Gary Windeat with 1lb 14oz. Biggest flat was a flounder of 13oz for Leon Williams.

The final was held in Pevensey Bay on Sunday 4th January as a pegged catch and release match. Fished in lovely sunny conditions the over-all winner with 40 fish for 496 points was Kevin Morgan. Second was Ralph Crosby with 451 points, third Trevor Rooney with 450 points and 4th Mick Snelling with 434 points. The biggest fish was a bass for Dave Knight.

Angling Trust All Sussex Shore Championships winners

On Thursday 8th January 18 anglers fished in some wet and windy conditions with Ian Hopper winning with 11lb 8 ¼ oz, including codling dogfish and whiting. 2nd was Vernon Vivian with 9lb 3 ½ oz, 3rd Sam Samson with 8lb 7oz and 4th Mike Perfect with 7lb 12oz. The biggest round was a codling of 2lb ¼ oz and the biggest flatfish a flounder of 1lb ¾ oz for Sam Samson.

When the boats managed to launch some nice cod have been caught, with several of the Eastbourne charter fleet reporting good fish! Bayside charters sent a picture of a nice 17lb cod as well as an 8lb thornback caught on 4th January.
8lb Thornback Ray Bay Charters
17lb Cod Bay Charters 

A lot more codling have been showing recently with some nice catches at Langney Point and on Eastbourne Pier. Some are being caught in Pevensey and Normans Bay and I am hoping for a late spring run this year!! As the water temperature is only now beginning to drop nearer its seasonal levels!!

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