Thursday 27 February 2014

Eastbourne Sea League - 3rd Match - 27th Feb 2014

Eastbourne Sea League - 3rd Match - 27th Feb 2014

Team Positions on Night
1st Tonys Tackle  29pts
2nd Tonys Tackle Pirates  28pts
3rd Anglers Den  21pts
4th The Railway 17pts
5th A.T.Tackle Elite 16pts
6th Anderida Fishing Club 14pts
7th C.E.Gulls 6pts

Team Positions Overall
1st Tonys Tackle 67pts
2nd Anderida Fishing Club 62pts
3rd Anglers Den 59pts
3rd A.T.Tackle Elite 59pts
5th Tonys Tackle 57pts
6th C.E.Gulls 44 pts
7th The Railway 28pts

Zone A 1st Tony Waters (Tonys Tackle Pirates) 4lb 7ozs
Zone A 2nd Joe Legate (A.T.Tackle Elite) 2lb 4¼ozs
Zone B 1st Kevin Morgan (Anglers Den) 1lb 8½ozs
Zone B 2nd K.Anderson (The Railway) 14½ozs
Zone C 1st Colin Essary (Tonys Tackle) 1lb 1oz
Zone C 2nd Tony Kirrage (Tonys Tackle Pirates) 1lb-
Zone D 1st Jamie Morgan (Anglers Den) 14¼ozs
Zone D 2nd Rod Parris (Tonys Tackle) 13¾ozs
Zone E 1st Mike Perfect (Tonys Tackle Pirates) 1lb 12½ozs
Zone E 2nd  Martin Payne (Tony's Tackle) 1lb 10½ozs

Biggest Fish Cod 3lb 7oz - Tony Waters

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