Sunday 16 February 2014

Pevensey Bay Aqua Club Competition - 2nd Match - Sunday 16th Feb 2014

After being relentlessly battered by storms, a welcome break in the weather saw no fewer than 36 anglers turn out and fish the 2nd Pevensey Bay Aqua Club Beach Competition on Sunday 16th Feb 2014.
The numbers of fish caught were down on the previous match but the quality of some of the fish caught were excellent. Main species caught were Dabs,Whiting, Flounder, eels, a few Plaice and Bass.
Winner Dan Wood with 2nd placeTony Kirrage

1st. Dan Wood -
4lb 13½ozs

2nd. Tony Kirrage -
4lb 1½ozs

3rd. John Craig 3lb 6ozs

4th. Gerald Sargeant - 3lb ¼ozs

5th. Kim Mc Greevy - 3lb 1½ozs

6th. Paul Christopher - 2lb 3ozs

Biggest roundfish
Dan Wood Bass 1lb 13¾ozs

Biggest flatfish
Tony Kirrage Flounder 1lb 6½ozs

John Craig with 1lb 12 1/4oz Whiting - new Anderida Club Record

A special mention for John Craig who caught a massive Whiting weighing 1lb 12 ¼ozs.

This beats the current Anderida Club Record of 1lb 11¼ozs.

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