Sunday 2 March 2014

Anglers Den Open Beach Competition - Sun 2nd March 2014

Anglers Den Open Beach Competition - Sun 2nd March 2014

On Sunday 2nd March Anglers Den Open Beach Competition was held in Pevensey Bay. This years comp proved to be very popular, filling up (max 80 anglers) the week before the comp.

Unfortunately the weather (yet again!) decided to play a major role with the day starting bright and breezy but by the end of the comp the wind had increased to almost a gale with rain as well.

White Horses looking east - Anglers Den Beach Open Comp - Sun 2nd March 2014

By the end of the comp most anglers were relieved to get off the beach and into the warmth of the Pevensey Bay Aqua Club, where the prize-giving was done.

 The biggest fish of the day was a Cod weighing 6lb 3ozs caught by Dave Boyling, he had a total match winning weight of 7lb, taking the 1st prize of £300. The main species caught were Rockling, Pout, Dabs, Flounder with the odd Eel and Dogfish.

Ben Arnold  - Biggest Flatfish/Flounder

RESULTS (overall)

1st. Dave Boyling 7lb
2nd. Malcolm Payne 2lb 8ozs
3rd. Ralph Crosby 2lb 6ozs
4th. Dan Wood 2lb 3 1/2ozs
5th. Paul King 2lb 3ozs
6th. Keith Erridge 2lb 1/2oz
7th. Gerald Sargeant 1lb 14ozs
8th. John Craig 1lb 8ozs
9th. Ben Arnold 1lb 7ozs
10th. Dave Rose 1lb 6ozs
11th. Rod Parris 1lb 5ozs
11th. Steve Tibbals 1lb 5ozs
13th. John Ryder 1lb 4 3/4ozs
14th. Colin Carey 1lb 4 1/2ozs.

 Heaviest Flatfish.....Ben Arnold (Flounder) 1lb
 Heaviest roundfish...Dave Boyling (Cod) 6lb 3 1/2ozs
 Biggest Ling..........K.Saint 7 1/4ozs
Biggest Whiting ...T.Rooney 6ozs
Biggest Flounder...B.Arnold 1lb
 Biggest any/other/species...Dave Boyling (Cod) 6lb 3 1/2ozs

Zone A 1st Dave Boyling 7lb
Zone A 2nd Malcolm Payne 2lb 8ozs
Zone A 3rd John Ryder 1lb 4 3/4ozs
Zone B 1st Gerald Sargeant 1lb 14ozs
Zone B 2nd John Craig 1lb 8ozs
Zone B 3rd Dave Rose 1lb 6ozs
Zone C 1st Ralph Crosby 2lb 6ozs
Zone C 2nd Dan Wood 2lb 3 1/2ozs
Zone C 3rd Paul King 2lb 3ozs

Pairs winners...Dave Boyling/Mick Webb 7lb 7 1/2ozs
pairs 2nd........Colin Crosby/Ralph Crosby 3lb 8ozs.

Dave Boyling - Anglers Den Open Beach Comp winner 2nd March 2014

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