Wednesday 11 March 2015

Anderida Fishing Club Annual Presentation Night - 11th March 2015

Anderida Fishing Club Annual Presentation Night - 11th March 2015

Anderida Beach Fishing Club held its annual presentation night at Ocean View Bakery, Pevensey Bay, on 11th March 2015. 

2014 Trophy Winners

1. Sole Cup Senior       Jim Whippy - 1lb 6¾ oz

2. Sole Cup Junior       Martin Payne - 1lb 2½oz 

3. Bass Cup Senior       Shaun Mitchell - 5lb 7oz

4. Bass Cup Junior       Martin Payne - 1lb 8¼oz

5. Smoothound Cup     Paul Parsons - 4lb 3½oz 

6. Best Round Fish (in Club Comps)  Dennis Puttick (Bass) - 4lb 1oz

7. Best Flat Fish  (in Club Comps)   Jim Whippy (Sole) - 1lb 6¾oz

8. Flounder Cup     Colin Isaacs - 1lb 2¾oz

9. Pairs Cup Winners       Les Glazzard/Jim Whippy 

10. Spring Cup Winner       Shawn Smith/Colin Isaacs - 69 points

11. Dab Trophy       Adrian Darker - 1lb

12. Cod Cup  (biggest recorded in 2013)   Kevin Morgan - 5lb 14oz

13. In Comp Species Cup (winner)  Jim Whippy - 10

14. Junior Species Cup (winner)     Martin Payne - 12

15. Junior Cod Cup   Martin Payne - 5lb 14¾oz

16. Senior Species Cup (winner)  Jim Whippy    15

17. Senior Species Cup (Runner Up)   Ian Hopper   13

18. Junior Beach Champion (winner)  Martin Payne

19. Junior Beach Champion (runner up)    Luke Taylor

20. Plaice Cup       Dan Wood - 1lb 7oz

21. Whiting Cup     John Craig - 1lb12¼oz

22. Best Specimen Fish     Colin Everest   (Rockling) - 7¾oz

Jim Whippy and Les Glazzard - Pairs Cup
23.Beach Championship 3rd       Jim Whippy

24. Beach Championship 2nd     Colin Isaacs

25. Beach Championship (2014 Winner)  Dan Wood

JimWhippy Snr Species Cup
Dan Wood Beach Champ, Martin Payne Jnr Beach Champ

Shawn Smith - Joint Spring Cup Winner

Dan Wood Beach Champion

2014 Trophy Winners


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