Wednesday 18 March 2015

Anderida Beach Fishing Competition - 6th Match - Weds 18th March 2015

The sixth Anderida Beach Fishing Club competition of 2015 took place on Wednesday 18th March in Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, UK with 19 anglers fishing.

The overall winner was Malcolm Payne (pictured) who had a flounder and a codling in his total weight of 3lb 5oz. The biggest fish caught was a codling of 2lb 3½oz by David Tame (pictured), who also came second on the night.

Pictured also is Kevin Morgan with a dogfish of 1lb 10½oz.

The heaviest flat fish on the night was a 10½oz flounder for Tim Lane.

Malcolm Payne

Results as follows:

1st Malcolm Payne 3lb 4oz
2nd David Tame 2lb 12¼oz
3rd Colin Everest 2lb 5½oz
4th Phil Taylor 2lb ¾oz

Heaviest Round Fish (Cod) David Tame 2lb 3½oz (Pictured)

Heaviest Flat Fish (Flounder) Tim Lane 10½oz

Superpool Winner David Tame (Codling) 2lb 3½oz

David Tame                                                             Kevin Morgan