Saturday 18 July 2015

Scarecrow Festival 2015 Pairs Beach Fishing Competition - Pevensey Bay

Our beaches were alive with the sight of Scarecrow Anglers!!!

The Pevensey Villages 2015 Scarecrow Festival Beach Fishing Competition took place on Saturday 18th July 2015 in Pevensey Bay. For more information about the Scarecrow Festival see

10 points were awarded to each angler who arrived for the comp dressed as a scarecrow, and the result was very amusing.

What a great turn out for this Pairs (one junior, one senior) Catch and Release Comp - lots of checked shirts, patched dungarees, straw hats, the odd parsnip nose, a great gathering of (some, very) young, and (quite) old Scarecrow Anglers - even Worzel was there!

Some of the entrants.

It was a beautiful sunny, albeit breezy, day for this beach comp, and some of the best fish were caught by the juniors,as pictured below. Results
1st - Kate Morgan and Uncle Kevin  - 160 points
2nd - Alfie Sargeant and Granded Gerald - 127 points
3rd - Ellie Legate and 'Uncle' Steve 'Tibbo' Tibbals - 124 points

Biggest Fish (flounder 36cm) Faye Puttick.

Winners (left to right)- Tibbo, Ellie Legate, Uncle Kevin and Kate Morgan, Grandad Gerald and Alfie, and Faye Puttick


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