Wednesday 15 July 2015

Anderida Beach Fishing Competition - 14th Match - Weds 15th July 2015

Anderida Fishing Club held a Beach Fishing Competition on Wednesday 15th July in Pevensey Bay. The main species caught were eel and flounder, with Darren Mitchell catching a nice sized bass (pictured below).

1st Martin Payne - 3lb 4¼oz
2nd  Phil Metcalf - 2lb 9¾oz
3rd  Darren Mitchell - 2lb 3½oz
4th Glyn Morgan - 1lb 13oz

Heaviest Round Fish - Darren Mitchell (Bass) 2lb 3½oz
Heaviest Flat Fish -  Glyn Morgan (Flounder) 15¾oz

Superpool -  Darren Mitchell (Bass) 2lb 3½oz

Darren Mitchell 2lb 3½oz bass - Biggest Fish and Superpool
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