Sunday 19 April 2015

Kev's East Sussex Diary - 19th April 2015

Kevin Morgan of Anglers Den Sussex, Pevensey Bay, East Sussex gives a monthly summary of local sea fishing competition results.

The clubs presentation night was held on Wednesday 11th March at the Ocean View Bakery with over 25 members in attendance. The trophy winners included Martin Payne winning the junior championship as well as the junior sole cup, bass cup, species cup and cod cup! Jim Whippy won the senior sole cup as well as the best flatfish in club comps with the same fish, also winning the  species cup with 15 species, the in match species cup with 10, and the pairs trophy with Les Glazzard. The bass cup was won by Shaun Mitchell with 5lb 7oz, the smoothound cup by Paul Parsons with 4lb 3 ½ oz and the cod cup Kevin Morgan with 5lb 14oz. Dennis Puttick won the best round fish in club matches with a bass of 4lb 1oz. The biggest dab was a club record fish of 1lb for Adrian Darker and the biggest whiting also a club record of 1lb 12 ¼ oz for John Craig. Colin Everest also broke a club record with a rockling of 7 ¾ oz. The heaviest flounder was 1lb 2 ¾ oz for Colin Isaacs and Colin also shared the spring cup with Shawn Smith with 69 points. The club champion for 2014 was Dan Wood with Colin Isaacs runner up.

Anderida Trophy Winners

On Wednesday 18th March 19 anglers fished in Pevensey Bay with Malcolm Payne catching a mixed bag including a codling and flounder for 3lb 4oz. Second was David Tame with 2lb 12 ¼ oz, third Colin Everest with 2lb 5 ½ oz and fourth Phil Taylor with 2lb ¾ oz. The heaviest round was a codling of 2lb 3 ½ oz for David Tame and the heaviest flat a flounder of 10 ½ oz for Tim Lane.

On Wednesday 1st April 19 anglers again fished in Pevensey Bay with Darren Mitchell landing 2 codling and some whiting for a winning weight of 7lb 6 ¾ oz. Second was Colin Isaacs with 6lb, third Rod Reynolds with 5lb 13 ½ oz and joint fourth Martin Payne and Phil Metcalf with 5lb ½ oz. The heaviest round was a codling of 3lb 3 ½ oz for Darren Mitchell and the heaviest round a flounder of 12 ¼ oz for Dan Wood.

The club fished a match on Monday 16th March with 24 anglers fishing at Langney Point. The winner with 5lb 7oz was Phil Chapman including the biggest fish, a codling of 4lb 1 ¼ oz. Second was Paul Parsons with 2lb 15oz, third Gerald Sargeant with 2lb 11 ¼ oz and fourth Tony Kirrage with 2lb 4oz. The heaviest flatfish was a flounder of 7 ¼ oz for Gerald Sargeant.

On Sunday 22nd March 28 anglers fish in Pevensey Bay, in calm conditions Jo Plumstead fishing near Alices Pipe landed two codlings for a weight of 4lb 5 ¼ oz to win! Second was his brother Ollie with 3lb 12 ½ oz, third Paul King with 3lb 6 ¾ oz and fourth Gerald Sargeant with 3lb 6oz. Biggest flatfish was a plaice of 1lb ½ oz for Gerald Sargeant and the biggest round a codling of 2lb 14oz for Paul King.   

Joe Plumstead

On Tuesday 24th March 23 anglers fished at Whitehorses with Ian Hopper catching 2lb 7 ¼ oz to win the match. Second was Sam Samson with 1lb  ¼ oz, third Mike Perfect with 13 ½ oz and fourth Dave Rudland with 12 ¼ oz. Biggest flat was a flounder with 13 ½ oz for Mike Perfect and the heaviest round was 3 ¾ oz for Dave Rudland.

On Tuesday 7th April the fishing was again scratchy with Fred Wassell winning with 1lb 3 ½ oz. Second was Tony Bush with 1lb 2 ¼ oz, third Paul Christopher with 14 ½ oz and fourth Taylor Solerno with 13 ¼ oz. The heaviest round was a whiting of 4 ¼ oz for Alan Smith and the heaviest flat a flounder of 14 ½ oz for Paul Christopher.

The 6th round of the Railway Tavern club ws fished on Saturday 21st March in Pevensey Bay. First was Mathew Brown with whiting pout and ling for 3lb 2oz. Second Paul Spiers with 1lb 5oz and third Ian Bishop and Dennis Puttick with 1lb. Heaviest flat was a flounder of 7 oz for Fred Puttick and heaviest round a whiting of 7oz for Kevin Merner.
On Sunday 5th April Mathew Brown won the match with 13 ½ oz, second was Jason Anderson with 10 ½ oz and third Steve Merner with 7oz. The heaviest round was a whiting of 5oz for Peter Fountain.

On Monday 23rd March Chris Voller fished near Billy’s Tower in Normans Bay and managed to catch some nice plaice!!!   Then a week later fishing in the same area Rod Hutchinson used salted and oiled frozen lug o catch a nice codling of 3lb 8oz.  Gary Banfield fish along Eastbourne Seafront recently and landed several nice plaice and flounder!! February through to April has been a good season for this area as when its been rough the codling have appeared and on calm days the plaice! Happy days!!!   The Eastbourne Charter boats have been enjoying some god fishing with plenty of cod and Pollack from off-shore wrecks! With several fish into the high 20’s being caught on Deep Blue in recent weeks.

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