Thursday 16 April 2015

Anderida Beach Fishing Competition - 8th Match - Thurs 16th April 2015

The eighth Anderida Beach Fishing Club competition of 2015 took place on Thursday 16th April in Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, UK with 20 anglers fishing.

1st David Tame 2lb 12¼oz
2nd Gerald Sargeant 2lb 9¾oz
3rd Colin Isaacs 2lb 3¾oz
4th Colin Findley 1lb 12oz

Heaviest Round Fish - David Tame (Dogfish) 1lb 5½oz
Heaviest Flat Fish - Rod Reynolds (Flounder) 12¾oz
Superpool -  David Tame (Dogfish) 1lb 5½oz

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