Sunday 8 February 2015

Pevensey Bay Angling Club Annual 'Open' Beach Competition - Sunday 8th February 2015

Pevensey Bay Angling Club held its annual 'Open' Beach Angling Competition on Sunday 8th February between 10am and 3pm in Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, UK.

The event was organised by local angler Steve Dell with help from Ian Hopper, Joe Plumstead and Dan Wood. A bright sunny day saw just over 60 anglers from around the county fishing the beaches in central Pevensey Bay. Although fishing wasn't prolific, there were a good number of fish caught considering the conditions.

The main species caught were Flounders, Rockling, Dabs and Whiting.

Overall Results:                                      
Gerald Sargeant - Overall Winner and Heaviest Flat Fish
 1st Gerald Sargeant - 2lb 7¾oz
2nd Ben Arnold - 2lb 5 ½oz
3rd Colin Crosby 2lb 3¼oz
4th Rod Parris - 1lb 14¾oz
5th David Checkfield - 1lb 14½oz
6th Nick May 1lb 13¼oz
7th  Barry Sinden 1lb 12oz
8th Ralph Crosby 1lb 10¼oz
9th Tony Methren 1lb 9¾oz
10th Mick Webb 1lb 9½oz
11th Iain Smart 1lb 8½oz
12th Brett Green 1lb 7¼oz

Ben Arnold - Zone A Winner

Zone A
1st - Ben Arnold 2lb 5 ½oz
2nd - Colin Crosby 2lb 3¼oz
3rd - Rod Parris - 1lb 14¾oz
4th  - Barry Sinden 1lb 12oz

Zone B
1st - Gerald Sargeant - 2lb 7¾oz
2nd - David Checkfield - 1lb 14½oz
3rd - Nick May 1lb 13¼oz
4th -  Ralph Crosby 1lb 10¼oz

Heaviest Flat Fish - Gerald Sargeant (Flounder) 1lb 8½oz
Heaviest Round Fish - Shaun Mitchell (Whiting) 7½oz

Ralph and Colin Crosby - Pairs Winners
1st - Colin Crosby and Ralph Crosby - 3lb 13½oz
2nd - Gerald Sargeant and Dean Murphy - 3lb 13oz
3rd - Nick May and Brett Green - 3lb 4½oz

Gerald Sargeant - PBAC Open Beach Competition Winner 2015!

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