Thursday 19 February 2015

Kev's East Sussex Diary - 19th February 2015

Kevin Morgan of Anglers Den Sussex, Pevensey Bay, East Sussex gives a monthly summary of local sea fishing competition results.


The second club match was fished on Sunday 1st February with 32 anglers fishing on a short tide. The winner with 2lb 2 ¼ oz was Paul Christopher. Second was Keith Erridge with 2lb 2oz, third Colin Issacs with 2lb ½ oz and fourth Malcolm Payne with 1lb 14 ½ oz. The biggest round was a whiting of 8oz for Gerald Sargeant and the biggest flat a flounder of 11oz for Colin Isaacs.

The Pevensey Bay ANGLING Club annual open was held on Sunday 8th February, organised by Steve Dell with help from Ian Hopper, Joe Plumstead and Dan Wood. The over all winner with 2lb 7 ¾ oz was Gerald Sargeant, including the biggest fish a 1lb 8 ¾ oz flounder! Second was Ben Arnold with 2lb 5 ½ oz, 3rd Colin Crosby 2lb 3 ¼ oz, 4th Rod Parris 1lb 14 ¾ oz, 5th Dave Checksfield 1lb 14 ½ oz and 6th Nick May 1lb 13 ¼ oz. Ben Arnold won A zone with Colin Crosby second and Rod Parris third. Gerald Sargeant won B zone with Dave Checksfield second and Nick May third. The pairs winners were Colin and Ralph Crosby with a combined weight of 3lb 13 ½ oz and the runners up were Dean Murphy and Gerald Sargeant with 3lb 13oz. The heaviest round was a whiting of 7 ½ oz for Shaun Mitchell.
Gerald Sargeant

The second match of the season was held on Sunday 25th January in Pevensey Bay, in calm mild conditions. The winner was Mark Underhill (rollerball) with 1lb 4oz, second Karl Puttick with 1lb 1oz and third Peter Fountain with 1lb. The heaviest round was a whiting of 7oz for Dan Puttick and the heaviest flat a flounder of 11oz for Dennis Puttick.
The third match on Saturday 7th February was won by Paul Spiers with 2lb, second Gary Windeat with 1lb 7 ½ oz and third Dan Puttick with 1lb 4oz.
Gary Windeat

On Thursday 22nd January The club fished a roving competition with Mark Gillett landing 4lb 4lb 6 ¾ oz. Second Tim Roser with 4lb 4 ¾ oz and third Brian Henderson with 1lb 1 ½ oz.
On Sunday 25th January Mark Gillett won with 6lb 6oz. Second was Glynn Hutchinson with 4lb and third Eric Burnett with 3lb.

On Tuesday 20th January the second Slater cup was fished with Richard Newman winning with whiting and codling for 7lb 5oz. Second was Joe Plumstead with 4lb 6oz and third Graham Lewis with 4lb 1oz. The heaviest round was a codling of 2lb 15oz for Joe Plumstead and the heaviest flat a flounder of 9 ¾ oz for Arran Aghili.
On Tuesday 3rd February the third Slater Cup was fished for! The winner with 1lb 12oz was Dan Wood. Second Paul Parsons with 1lb 6oz and third Arran Aghilli with 1lb. The heaviest round was a whiting of 1lb 12oz for Dan Wood and the heaviest flat was a flounder of 7oz for Colin Essery.

On Monday 15th January In Pevensey Bay, the second match was held with Les Glazzard managing to land both the heaviest round and superpool with a codling of 1lb 14oz and the heaviest flatfish a dab of 4 ½ oz. The winner was Mick Lowe with a nice catch of whiting for 5lb 8 ¾ oz. Second Kevin Morgan with 5lb 5 ½ oz, third Rod Reynolds with 4lb 2 ½ oz and fourth Phil Metcalf with 3lb 12 ¾ oz.
The 3rd match on Wednesday 4th February was won by Darren Mitchell with 1lb 12 ½ oz. Second was David Tame with 1lb 10 ¾ oz and third Colin Everest with 12 ½ oz. The heaviest round was a whiting of 6oz and the heaviest flat and superpool went to David Tame for a flounder of 13 ¼ oz.

On Thursday 22nd January Paul Christopher won the match with whiting for 4lb 6 ½ oz. Second was Keith Erridge with 3lb 15 ½ oz, third Gerald Sargeant with 3lb 11 ¾ oz and fourth Vernon Vivian with 3lb 7 ¼ oz. Biggest round was a whiting of 9 ¾ oz shared between Paul Christopher and Gerald Sargeant and the biggest flat was a dab of 5 ½ oz for Malcolm Payne.
The third match of the year fished in Pevensey Bay was won by Dave Rudland with 5 rockling for 12 ¼ oz. Second was Tony Bush with 10 ¾ oz, third Malcolm Payne with 10 ¼ oz and fourth Gerald Sargeant with 9 ¾ oz. The heaviest round was a whiting of 5 ¾ oz for Ian Hopper and the heaviest flatfish a flounder of 7oz for Fred Wassell.

Steve Hanks (of Hook, line and Sinker, Bexhill) caught a cracking 3lb plaice at Splash Point, Eastbourne on Sunday 15th february. Steve won the Catch and Release comp run by Joe Plumstead, who was second. The sunshine and settled conditions seem to have brought the plaice in early.
Derek Box landed a nice 19lb 5oz cod out of Eastbourne Marina recently fishing on a  private boat called Wanderer using cuttle and an ABU Suveran rod.
Steve Hanks

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