Thursday 20 November 2014

Kev's East Sussex Diary - 20th Nov 2014

Kevin Morgan of Anglers Den Sussex, Pevensey Bay, gives a monthly summary of local sea fishing competition results.

On Sunday 12th October 20 anglers fished with Kim McGreevy winning with 7lb 10oz. Second was Gerald Sargeant with 5lb 4oz, third Steve Tibbals with 4lb 8oz and fourth Ian Hopper with 3lb 12oz. The heaviest flat was a flounder of 13 ¼ oz for Rod Reymolds and the biggest round a codling of 2lb `14oz for Steve Tibbals.

On Sunday 9th November 28 anglers fished in ideal conditions in Pevensey Bay. The winner was Ian Hopper with 8lb 9oz (including 2 codlings). Second was Trevor Rooney with 8lb 1oz, third Joe Plumstead with 6lb 8oz and fourth Paul Christopher with 6lb 3oz. The heaviest flat were two flounders of 1lb 2oz shared by Steve and Kevin Merner and the biggest round was a codling of 2lb 2oz for Steve Tibbals. 

On Sunday 26th October the club fished a match in Pevensey Bay, with the winner Kevin Merner landing a codling of 2lb 8oz for a total weight of 2lb 14oz. Second was his brother Steve with 2lb 5oz and third A.J.Puttick with 1lb 11 ½ oz. 

On Tuesday 21st October the match saw 18 anglers fishing in Pevensey Bay. The main species caught were whiting with some codling, dogfish and a cracking Dover sole for Rod Reynolds. The winner with 11lb 13 ½ oz was Jim Whippy. Second Rob Lock with 10lb 15oz and third Colin Isaacs with 10lb 10oz. The biggest fish and superpool winner was Tim Harmer with a codling of 1lb 13½ oz. The biggest flatfish was a good sole of 1lb 5oz for Rod Reynolds.

Tim Harmer 1lb 13½oz Codling

On Tuesday 4th November 21 anglers fished with the main species being whiting with some codling, dogfish, Flounder, pout and sole. Gerald Sargeant won with 11lb 8oz, Second with 9lb 15 ½ oz was Jim Whippy, Jim also caught the biggest flatfish and round with a lovely sole of 1lb 6 ¾ oz and a codling of 1lb 8 ¼ oz.

The 5th Nomads Cup was fished on Wednesday October 8th with Dan Wood catching 12lb 12oz of whiting, pout, eel and bass. Second was Phil Chapman with 9lb 3oz 8dr, third Graham Lewis with 6lb 14oz 8dr and fourth Richard Newman with 6lb 14oz. The heaviest round was a bass of 2lb 1oz and the heaviest flatfish a dab of 7oz for Rod Parris.

Twenty two anglers fished on Tuesday 28th October at Whithorses with Iain Smart winning with 2lb 10 ½ oz. Second was Tony Kirrage with 1lb 15 ¾ oz, third Keith Erridge with 1lb 15oz and fourth Alan Smith with 1lb 11 ½ oz. The heaviest round was a codling of 13 ½ oz for Malcolm Payne and the heaviest flatfish was a flounder of 11oz for Tony Kirrage.
On Wednesday 12th November Gary Banfield won the match with 7lb 14 ½ oz, including 2 bass. Second was Alan Smith with 5lb 1 ½ z, third Dave Rudland with 4lb 8oz and fourth Iain Smart with 4lb 6 ½ oz. The heaviest round was a bass of 2lb 9 ½ oz for Gary Banfield and the heaviest flatfish was a Sole of 15 ½ oz for Gerald Sargeant. 

Gary Banfield Over 50s Comp 12th Nov 

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