Thursday 16 October 2014

River Tyne Salmon Fishing, Bellingham, Northumberland - Dan Wood - October 2014

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The River Tyne in Northumberland is widely considered to be England's premier Salmon river and Dan Wood recently returned from a trip with his brother Mark to River North Tyne, where they fished at Bellingham.

Pictured below are Dan and Mark with the Salmon they caught fishing on the fly, which were returned alive. The fish were caught from a pool called Reeds Wood (since re-named by the pair 'Dan's Wood'  to mark their memorable trip).

Northumberland scenery is considered  'propa bonny' (really beautiful), and anglers report 'geet walla' (very large) Salmon catches from the North Tyne of 20lb+, where Salmon stocks have boomed in the last 15 years thanks to a highly successful Tyne hatchery program  - wey aye, man!

If you are considering 'gan doon' to this part of the country to try a spot of fly fishing, visit for more information.

Click on 'Location' at the bottom of this post to go to a Google Map of Bellingham, North Tyne.

Dan Wood with 7lb Cock Salmon

Mark Wood

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