Saturday 4 October 2014

Daiwa Irish Pairs, Dingle Peninsula, Co Kerry, Ireland - John Ryder and Phil Ollif - Sept/Oct 2014

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John Ryder and Phil Ollif fished the Daiwa Irish Pairs which this year took place from Friday 26th Sept til Thurs 2nd October 2014,  held on the Dingle Peninsula in SW Ireland.  AKA 'The Angling Week of the Year', the legendary Daiwa Irish Pairs is considered a major event in the national match calendar.

Now in it's 33rd year, it's something of an annual pilgrimage to the Emerald Isle.

Dingle is the most westerly place in Europe, known for its peace, tranquility and unhurried pace - and it's fishing! Oh, and then there's the Irish hospitality which ensures this is a social event as well as a fishing competition!

John and Phil had a grand time, some great 'Craic', and got up to shenanigans. They also caught some great fish and bought back some photos!

Below are pictures from a pleasure fishing session, separate from the main competition, in Dingle Harbour. John and Phil caught these Thornback Rays with sandeels and squid on a Pennel Rig.

For Information about the Dingle Peninsula visit

For information about the Daiwa Irish Pairs visit

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John Ryder with an 8lb Thornback Ray

Phil Ollif with a 5lb Thornback Ray

John Ryder up to Shenanigans with 20lb of weed

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