Friday 6 November 2015

A Message to all Our Subscribers - Our Sea Blog will be changing in 2016

From January 2016, instead of posting on our Sea Blog, our 'Sea Angling Catch News' will become a section of our increasingly popular website

Our Sea Angling Blog will remain live at, documenting two years worth of local Sussex Sea Angling news (Nov 2013, to date), but all news updates will be posted on our website in 'Sea Angling Catch News'.

 This is a great move, as it will mean that you will be able to find local angling 'Catch News' (both sea and coarse), local Sussex angling information, instructional angling videos, and details of sea and coarse fishing tackle and bait all in one place! We have taken this move as our customers have told us that easy navigation around the information we provide is really important, leaving more time for fishing!

We will also be sending out regular email newsletters to highlight notable 'Catch News', new videos, new angling products, and other local angling news.

Subscribers to the Anglers Den Sussex Sea Angling Blog will automatically receive copies of  the Anglers Den Sussex Newsletter, so please take a look and, as always we welcome your feedback :)

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