Wednesday 13 May 2015

Eastbourne Sea League - 1st Match - 13th May 2015

The Eastbourne Sea League got under way last week with the first match of a four match series. This year, as the league is being fished primarily in the summer, it is being fished on a Catch and Release basis. This is in keeping with the National Sea League Final to be held in Eastbourne on 28/29th November of this year.
All team's fishing the the four match series will qualify to fish the final.

Match Position                                       Total Points      Overall Position

1st.Anglers Den                      53pts           53pts               1st
2nd Asso Match Squad          45pts           45pts                2nd
3rd. Anderida Aces                43pts           43pts                3rd
4th. Tonys T-Bay                   41pts           41pts               4th
5th. Sea Match Pirates            36pts          36pts               5th
6th. Sonic Sea Match             31pts          31pts                 6th
7th. The Happy Hookers        30pts          30pts                7th
8th  Tonys Tackle 3                29pts         29pts                8th
9th  The Railway Club           26pts          26pts                9th
10th  The Dennis Destroyers  25pts          25pts               10th
11th  A T Tackle                    17pts          17pts               11th
12th  The Dirty Hookers        13pts          13pts               12th

Zone A 1st.Richard Newman (Tonys T-Bay) 191pts
Zone A 2nd Peter Fountain  (The Railway Club) 175pts
Zone A 2nd Kim McGreevy (Anglers Den)  175pts

Zone B 1st  Jamie Morgan (Anglers Den) 174pts
Zone B 2nd  Grant Bryant (Sonic Sea Match) 169pts
Zone B 3rd Rod Reynolds (Anderida Aces) 106pts

Zone C 1st Tony Kirrage (Sea Match Pirates) 229pts
Zone C 2nd Dan Wood (Asso Match Squad) 226pts
Zone C 3rd  Darren Mitchell (Anderida Aces) 223pts

Zone D 1st  Kevin Morgan (Anglers Den ) 396pts
Zone D 2nd Mark Underhill (Sea Match Pirates) 263pts
Zone D 3rd  Graham Lewis (Tonys T-Bay) 236pts

Zone E 1st  Phil Metcalf (Anderida Aces) 328pts
Zone E 2nd Paul Parsons (Asso Match Squad) 313pts
Zone E 3rd Kevin Merner (Dennis Destroyers)  256pts

The Biggest Fish Pool was split three ways between Tony Kirrage (flounder), Martin Payne (flounder) and Darren Mitchell (smoothound), all scoring 44pts.

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